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Ferrier Air Cargo AG

Fracht West
CH-8058 Zurich-Airport / Switzerland
Tel.: +41-43-816 36 26
Fax: +41-43-816 35 99

Contact us anytime: info@ferrier.ch

Ferrier Air Cargo is agent / member
of following organizations:





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Recent News

09. 10. 2017

Is your forwarder passing special offers to you?

"We all cook with the same water", so why should there be a difference between forwarders. You know better. In this service industry, motivated and able staff make a big difference, indeed. And prices ? Yes,...read more

09. 10. 2017

New development in X-Ray Screening / ETD Sniffing

Liquids, powders or paper and other dense articles can prevent to view the contents properly during X-Ray.According to the National Security Plan (NASP) the screener then has to follows these steps: 1. turn shipment and screen...read more

09. 10. 2017

New Forwarding and Accounting Software

We have been working with a character based forwarding and accounting software named POWERSPED since 1992 and were very happy with it.Unforunately, the database is no longer supported and we had to install a completely new...read more




We are a full service air and ocean freight forwarder in Switzerland.

Agents of U-Freight Ltd.: www.ufreight.com and compatible forwarders worldwide.

Contact us anytime: info@ferrier.ch.